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Nielsen Will Begin Measuring Video Ads On Roku

 In further proof of the rise of streaming video services and the cord-cutting trend in general, TV measurement firm Nielsen today said it would begin to track viewing data and audience demographics across Roku’s 10 million+ devices, including its media players and Roku TVs. The move is being heralded as an industry-first by the two firms, as it will allow advertisers to measure… Read More

NeonMob Is A Platform For Creating, Trading, And Collecting Digital Art

 Digital art is gaining popularity, with companies like Curioos dedicating entire marketplaces to the medium, but the idea of scarcity when it comes to the internet is relatively new. NeonMob is looking to change the way we think about that with a platform dedicated to digital art collectibles. The company offers tools to creators so that they can build out a collection of art —… Read More