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The Mass Fidelity Core Offers Booming Stereo Sound From One Tiny Wireless Speaker

 Home audio is rarely just plug-and-play. Systems I’ve dealt with installing over the years have come with dozens of feet of wiring and multiple units that require an afternoon or more to get all set up. Now, most audiophiles certainly don’t mind this step of the process and really enjoy the ability to get their systems finessed to their liking, but to many others I’d… Read More

Pill + Lets You Share Sound Quality You Expect From Beats Headphones With Friends

 In time for your Cyber Monday shopping, Beats has released its first portable speaker since Apple acquired the company — the Pill + wireless bluetooth speaker. Right down to the packaging, Apple’s influence on the product’s sophisticated design shines through. Opening the Pill + is a lot like unwrapping an Apple laptop or phone. Rather than the flashy colors we’ve come… Read More