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Listen To EatFirst CEO Talk Online Restaurant Biz, Rocket Internet, And €8M Series A Round

 Earlier today I had a call with Rahul Parekh, co-founder and CEO of EatFirst, the London and Berlin-based online restaurant. We discussed how the startup came about, what exactly an online restaurant is, and being incubated by e-commerce behemoth and ‘startup factory’ Rocket Internet. In addition I asked Rahul about EatFirst’s recent €8 million Series A round. Read More

Diversity In Tech Needs Less Buzz And More Action

 I am smart. I am hardworking. I am a logical, ordered thinker. I am gay. I am brown. I am a woman. I am looking for a job in the tech industry. I say these things as a way to underpin something that must be addressed – diversity in the technology workforce need less buzz and more action. Diversity in tech is a hot issue today, as it should be. Read More