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Google Updates “Now On Tap” To Let You Track Packages, Flights And Find Related Articles

 Google is expanding the capabilities of its clever mobile feature, “Google Now on Tap,” which offers additional information about what you’re looking at within a mobile application without having to exit and then perform a Google search. Before, the feature supported the ability to find restaurants and points of interest, learn more about songs or artists in music apps,… Read More

Backblaze’s Low-Cost Cloud Storage Service Comes Out Of Beta

 After a short beta, Backblaze today opened up its new low-cost cloud storage service for all developers. Backblaze made a name for itself as a backup service for individuals and small businesses. But as the company’s CEO Gleb Budman told me when the company first announced this new product, the technology it developed to run those services (and all the hard drives it buys) is also a… Read More