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Oculus/ZeniMax case goes to jury as damages sought increases to $4 billion

 The lawsuit threatening the future of Facebook’s Oculus VR may have just gotten a lot more expensive. Yesterday, in closing statements the legal team representing ZeniMax Media asked the jury in a Dallas courtroom to rule against Oculus VR and award $2 billion in compensation as well as another $2 billion in punitive damages, Polygon reports. The case, which hinges on the claim… Read More

Ohio’s Transportation Research Center gets $45M to expand smart mobility testing

 Ohio’s Transportation Research Center (TRC) is getting a new 540-acre facility specifically for testing and researching smart mobility solutions, with on-site plans for a 12-lane intersection and reconfigurable test platform wider than 50 highway lines and as long as 10 football fields. That comes courtesy of a new $45 million grant from Ohio State University, Ohio state funds and… Read More