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GoFundMe drops 5% Platform Fee for U.S. personal campaigns, adds tips

 GoFundMe, the popular fundraising juggernaut that now has 50 million users and has raised over $5 billion in funding for causes to date, is making an interesting change today that could see those numbers getting a boost — or at least help it fend off competition from other fundraising platforms like Facebook’s. GoFundMe is dropping the five percent Platform Fee that it charges… Read More

FCC Commissioner Clyburn takes down Chairman’s net neutrality doom and gloom

 Back in 2015, then-Commissioner of the FCC Ajit Pai submitted a lengthy paper detailing his reasons for voting against the incoming net neutrality rules. He made a lot of predictions about harm those rules would cause — predictions that, as fellow Commissioner Clyburn points out today, pretty much all failed to come true. Read More