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Homie CEO resigns after allegations of sexual harassment from job applicant

Jordi Greenham, the co-founder and CEO of Mexican long-term rentals startup Homie, has resigned after a sexual harassment investigation was carried out by the company’s ethics board. On February 14, Homie launched an investigation into allegations of sexual harassment against Greenham, according to a corporate Facebook post. The message followed reports of sexual harassment that were posted to Facebook earlier the same day. In them, a woman, who has asked to remain anonymous to protect her privacy, claimed that CEO Greenham propositioned her in a WhatsApp message around 1:30 a.m. on February 14 to spend the night with him in exchange for 3,000 pesos (about $150 USD).  Below is a screenshot of her Facebook post, which translates to English as: Today, Jordi Greenham Asensio, co-founder of Homie offered me money to spend the night with him. It should be noted that we do not have a personal connection and that he contacted me on LinkedIn a few months ago to offer me a job at his company, we communicated through WhatsApp to schedule the interviews and for his team to communicate with me. I carried out the process and I did not get the position and there, that is the extension of the “relationship”. It is not correct that someone, in this case a man, thinks that it is acceptable to make these types of solicitations. It makes me angry that I delayed in saying something about this in thinking that there are no consequences for these types of actions. Attached evidence of the conversation. The WhatsApp exchange can be translated to English here: Homie CEO Greenham: Hi I would like to see you Recipient: Can you explain to me the random texts at strange hours? Homie CEO Greenham: No, there is no rational explanation. It was irrational. But I understand that it doesn’t interest you How much could I pay you for one night? 3,000? The woman tells TechCrunch that she met Greenham once through a mutual friend five years ago but had no contact with him since that initial introduction until he reached out to her on LinkedIn in September 2019. She told TechCrunch she had been interested in a role at the fast-growing startup, and communicated with Greenham over WhatsApp to arrange interviews and discuss the position. Ultimately, after interviewing for the role, she says she never heard back from the company.  TechCrunch reached out to both Greenham and Homie on February 21. Homie responded to TechCrunch’s request for comment on the 23rd with this statement: “On the 14th of February, the Homie Board of Directors was informed of the unacceptable behavior of the CEO and took immediate action. The Board’s Ethics Committee carried out the necessary investigation and on the 16th of February, after having discussed it internally, Jordi Greenham Asensio resigned as CEO and President of the company. The fast and unwavering action of the Board reflects our commitment for the highest standard of conduct, in all levels of the organization. The opinions and comments […]

Huawei’s ill-fated foldable returns with a more robust upgrade

MWC may have been canceled on account of rising coronavirus concerns, but the party still went on for Huawei (albeit to what appears to have been a mostly empty room). A year after wowing crowds with the Mate X, the company is introducing the Mate Xs. Rather than a proper successor, the device appears to be the result of Huawei’s decision to go back to the drawing board, following Samsung’s very public problems with its own original foldable. The design looks nearly identical to the original version of the phone — which is a pro. Honestly, the one major downside of the device (aside from a lofty price tag) is the fact that it never fully arrived, outside of what appears to be a relatively small batch offering in China. Like Samsung, Huawei’s update focused a lot on the hinge; with increased mechanical components, the product should be more rugged than the original. Keep in mind that, while we were able to play around with the original Mate X, that was about it. Personally, I saw one at MWC and had an opportunity to try one for a few minutes during lunch, between meetings at Huawei HQ in Shenzhen. Now that foldables have arrived, it seems Huawei is finally ready to take the leap. Of course, one ought not forget the company’s ongoing issues here in the States that will not only make it more difficult to procure here, but also blocks access to Android apps and services. That will continue to be a major issue for the company’s products, going forward. Price, too, will continue to be an issue, at around $2,700 when it goes up for sale in certain markets next month. That extremely inflated price gets you a 6.6-inch display, 5G, a beefy 4,500 mAh battery, the latest Kirin 990 chip, 8GB of RAM and 512GB of storage. Go big and/or go home, right?