How Slow (WILL YOUR) Computer Go? - Your raleigh pc techs onsite and on the fly! – Your raleigh pc techs onsite and on the fly!

There are some users who have better things to do than read computer tips, but that habit can come back to bite them one day. The fact is that anything could befall your computer, and then you will need to know a little bit about it. This situation is similar to others where you have a choice between knowing how to get around your computer or knowing nothing. Learning about computers is a process, and it will be ongoing and your experience will add to what you know.

You know, working on your own computer isn’t always at the top of everybody’s list.  Sometimes it’s just a whole lot easier to call out a professional PC technician.  Our good friends at are always ready to help.  If you have a slow computer, blue-screening computer, or even a computer that just won’t start at ALL, they are the ones to call.

If you want to get started with your computer tips education, then let’s proceed.

Your computer normally generates heat when running, and that is why you will see fans mounted usually on the backend. Many computer processors will even have small fans mounted on top of them, as well. Our first bit of advice is to regularly look at your cooling fans to see if they are working. Dust build-up can cause a problem with your fans, so that also needs to be checked. Dust can clog up the fan cage, and this happens most of the time when the floor is where your computer is located. Once clogging starts to happen, then your machine can become quickly compromised by heat trapped inside. Talking about sensitive data such as banking and Paypal login information, never store any of that on your computer. What I do is write it down on paper, and then eventually I memorize the information. Obviously, if your computer becomes hacked or compromised, then your sensitive information is totally safe if it is not stored on your machine. The smartest thing any person can do is prepare for what could happen regardless of what you currently have in place. If you want to do more, then check out cookie and history cleaning software just to be safe.

If you’re in the North Carolina area, the company, Buckeye Computers, that we mentioned, operates throughout the Raleigh Triangle area.  They fix everything from hardware computer problems to software problems – and are the bomb when you need Clayton computer repair.

One of the natural processes that happens with all hard drives that have some age on them is they can become very fragmented.

When a drive is fragmented, that means there are gaps in it where you have data stored or nothing stored. All PC’s have a little program that is the hard drive defragmentation program, and that will take care of the problem. This free program will do the trick, but as you can imagine someone has made them for sale, as well.

You will find many computer tips are designed to clean up unused files, folders and programs you no longer have a use for. So that basically amounts to performance enhancement measures to reclaim lost computer speed. If you are online a lot and use your computer a lot, then your machine will eventually begin to slow down. The most concerned users will stay on top of this and keep their computers squeaky clean at all times.

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