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10 Best Chrome Extensions That Are Perfect for Everyone

Are you a great Chrome user? That’s nice to hear. But first, consider whether or not there are any essential Chrome extensions you are currently missing from your browsing life, so here we’re going to share with you 10 Best Chrome Extensions That Are Perfect for Everyone. So Let’s Start. 1. LastPass When you have too several passwords to remember, LastPass remembers them for you. This chrome extension is an easy way to save you time and increase security. It’s a single password manager that will log you into all of your accounts. you simply ought to bear in mind one word: your LastPass password to log in to all or any your accounts. Features Save usernames and passwords and LastPasswill  log you  in  automatically. Fill the forms quickly to save your addresses, credit card numbers and more. 2. MozBar MozBar is an SEO toolbar extension that makes it easy for you to analyze your web pages’ SEO while you surf. You can customize your search so that you see data for a particular region or for all regions. You get data such as website and domain authority and link profile. The status column tells you whether there are any no-followed links to the page.You can also compare link metrics. There is a pro version of MozBar, too. 3. Grammerly Grammarly is a real-time grammar checking and spelling  tool for online writing. It checks spelling, grammar, and punctuation as you type, and has a dictionary feature that suggests related words. if you use mobile phones for writing than  Grammerly also have a mobile keyboard app. 4. VidlQ VidIQ is a SaaS product and Chrome Extension that makes it easier to manage and optimize your YouTube channels. It keeps you informed about your channel’s performance with real-time analytics and powerful insights. Features Learn more about insights and statistics beyond YouTube Analytics Find great videos with the Trending tab. You can check out any video’s YouTube rankings and see how your own video is doing on the charts. Keep track  the  history of the keyword to determine when a keyword is rising or down  in popularity over time. Quickly find out which videos are performing the best on YouTube right now. Let this tool suggest keywords for you to use in your title, description and tags. 5. ColorZilla ColorZilla is a browser extension that allows you to find out the exact color of any object in your web browser. This is especially useful when you want to match elements on your page to the color of an image. Features   Advanced Color Picker (similar to Photoshop’s) Ultimate CSS Gradient Generator The “Webpage Color Analyzer” site helps you determine the palette of colors used in a particular website. Palette Viewer with 7 pre-installed palettes Eyedropper – sample the color of any pixel on the page Color History of recently picked colors Displays some info about the element, including the tag name, class, id and size. Auto copy picked colors to clipboard Get colors of […]

Most Frequently Asked Questions About Email Marketing

1. Why is email marketing important? Email is the marketing tool that helps you  create a seamless, connected, frictionless buyer journey. More importantly, email marketing allows you to build relationships with prospects, customers, and past customers. It’s your chance to speak  to them right in their inbox, at a time that suits them. Along with the right message, email can become one of your most powerful marketing channels. 2. What is benefits of email marketing? Email marketing is best way for creating long term relationship with your clients, and increasing sales in our company. Benefits of email marketing for bussiness: Better brand recognition Statistics of what works best More sales Targeted audience More traffic to your products/services/newsletter Build credibility Most  bussinesses are using email marketing and making tons of money with email marketing. 3. What is the simplest day and time to send my marketing emails? Again, the answer to this question varies from company to company. And again, testing is the way to find out what works best. Typically, weekends and mornings seem to be  times when multiple emails are opened, but since your audience may have different habits, it’s best to experiment and then use your  data to decide.  4. Which metrics should I be looking at? The two most important metrics for email marketing are  open rate and click-through rate. If your emails aren’t opened, subscribers will never see your full marketing message, and if they open them but don’t click through to your site, your emails won’t convert. 5. How do I write a decent subject line? The best subject lines are short and to the point, accurately describing  the content of the email, but also catchy and intriguing, so the reader wants to know more. Once Again, this is the perfect place for  A/B testing, to see what types of subject lines work best with your audience. Your call to action should be clear and  simple. It should be somewhere at the top of your email for those who haven’t finished reading the entire email,  then repeated  at the end for those reading all the way through. It should state exactly what you want subscribers to do, for example “Click here to download the premium theme for free. 6. Is email marketing still effective? Email marketing is one of the most effective ways for a business to reach its customers directly. Think about it. You don’t post something on your site  hoping people will visit it. You don’t even post something on a social media page and hope fans  see it. You’re sending something straight to each person’s inbox, where they’ll definitely  see it! Even if they don’t open it, they’ll still see your subject line and business name every time you send an email, so you’re still communicating directly with your audience. 7. However do I grow my email subscribers list? Should i buy an email list or build it myself? Buying an email list is  waste of time & money. These email accounts […]