Apple Watch Series 7 Pre-Orders: Where & When To Order One

Apple recently announced that its new Apple Watch Series 7 will be available to pre-order soon and there is reason to believe that it could sell out quickly, due to short supplies. The Apple Watch Series 7 features a bigger display than ever and, with a faster processor and swipe keyboard, it’s the best version of a smartwatch to come from the company to date.

Earlier rumors that Apple Watch orders might be delayed were proven true as Apple announced its new wearable nearly one a month ago, but only recently shared when it will become available to order. These same production delays could mean that there hasn’t been enough time for a full shipment. While leaks about a new flat-edged design were way off base, at least this year, the Series 7 does have a significant design change. The front crystal is rounder, which provides greater structural strength, in the same way that a domed roof in a stadium can span greater distances and support more weight.

Apple has confirmed that the Apple Watch Series 7 will soon be available to buy with pre-orders starting at 5 a.m. Pacific Time (8 a.m. Eastern) on Friday, October 8, 2021. The latest smartwatch from Apple will appear in stores one week later, October 15. The suggestion that quantities will be limited has been backed by a recent Tweet from Jon Prosser. Either way, Apple’s website should be the best place to check first thing in the morning. Prices start at $399 for the Wi-Fi model and cellular capability adds an extra $100 to the cost. However, Apple gives $100 back when activating with T-Mobile/Sprint or Verizon and ordering through Apple’s website or an Apple retail store.

Since Apple Watch Series 7 is likely to sell out quickly, Apple will be the best place to check, but Best Buy and B&H Photo tend to get Apple products in stock and ship quickly as well, sometimes matching Apple’s own delivery date. Also, third-party websites sometimes provide extra incentives to buy with them. For example, Best Buy usually bundles a six-month Fitness+ subscription with the purchase of an Apple Watch and that appears to hold true this year. The Apple Watch Series 7 is already listed on the website, a 45 mm model with gold-tone stainless steel case and Milanese loop. Shown as coming soon, the page listing does highlight the six-month Fitness+ bundle.

If the Apple Watch does sell out online quickly, there will probably still be some available on eBay albeit with significant markups. Alternatively, visiting a retail store on October 15 will provide another opportunity to pick up the new, larger, and more durable Apple Watch Series 7.

Source: Apple

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