CES was a snoozefest

At a certain point during the last week, I found myself wandering the halls of CES, looking for the gadget that would fix all of my problems. Maybe it’s the modern condition, or just a sign of having been involved in this industry for far too long.

Technology, of course, has a long and sometimes spotty history of attempting to resolve problems it exacerbated in the first place. Fighting fire with fire, as it were. The Nintendo Wii, for instance, was heralded as fight against a sedentary population to which video games have significantly contributed. Hell, Fitbit helped build an entire industry out of it.

Having utterly matured the world of wearable fitness devices, however, the industry has moved on to the next bit frontier: sleep. There’s about a dozen reasons why sleeping with your smartphone is a bad idea, but I’ve woken up with an iPhone imprint on the side of my face more times than I’d care to admit. We know it’s bad and yet, we still do it. But the depths of our addiction are a topic for another time.

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