Marvel Reveals The Shocking Truth Behind Its Most Powerful Character

Warning! Spoilers for Immortal Hulk #50 by Marvel Comics below.

In this week’s Immortal Hulk finale, Marvel Comics revealed the truth behind the One-Above-All, which completely changes the most powerful character in the Multiverse. In the comic, the cosmic being responsible for creating everyone and everything in the Marvel Universe was revealed to also be the One Below All. The revelation means One-Above-All, who is basically God, is also the Devil in disguise.

In the recently wrapped up Immortal Hulk series, the Jade Giant’s ultimate enemy was the One Below All, a being living in the Below Place who wanted to destroy the Marvel Universe and end the process of the cosmos being reborn. The being is responsible for giving the Hulk his incredible strength, as when the Gamma Bomb went off and changed Bruce Banner, it opened the Green Door, allowing the One Below All to give him his powers. Now, Marvel Comics has told the truth behind the Hulk villain, which connects the being to the Multiverse version of God.

In Immortal Hulk #50 by Al Ewing, Joe Bennett, Ruy Jose, Belardino Brabo, Paul Mounts, VC’s Cory Petit, and Alex Ross, the Hulk finally encounters his maker in the Below Place. After fighting the villain, the Hulk demands to see its real face. The One Below All agrees, and suddenly the sky fills with brightness as the One-Above-All appears. It turns out, the One-Above-All and the One Below All are the same entity, with one serving as the Multiverse’s agent of good and the other as an agent of destruction and chaos.

The revelation that the One Below All and the One-Above-All is the same being are an unexpected twist. The One Below All is basically the One-Above-All’s own Hulk, as it’s a balancing force in the Marvel Universe. Where the One-Above-All creates and nurtures, the One Below All is its counterweight, that destroys the universe in the name of cosmic balance. The conflicting personalities are very much like Bruce Banner and the Hulk but on the most substantial cosmic level possible.

The One-Above-All has primarily been used as a way to show that something is responsible for creating the Marvel Multiverse at large. Meanwhile, the One Below All represents the being’s counterweight, which ensures the Multiverse is balanced. Both beings exist as a necessary part of creating (and ending) life across the Marvel Multiverse. Still, the fact that the One-Above-All and the One Below All are essentially the good and evil versions of Marvel’s God is a shocking revelation that should considerably impact the Multiverse going forward.

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