Seinfeld: How Old Elaine Is At The Beginning & The End

The events of Seinfeld encompassed nine years of shenanigans for Jerry and his friends, including Elaine Benes (Julia Louis-Dreyfus), but how old was Elaine at the start and end of the hit series? As it was with the other three main characters, Elaine’s Seinfeld story explored a long list of failed romantic relationships, mishaps at work, and day-to-day, trivial conversations with her friends in Jerry’s apartment.

Seinfeld rarely noted the ages of these four characters, but based on their activities, pop culture references, and interactions in New York City, it was widely assumed that this was a group of thirty-somethings. Occasionally, there were lines in the show that seemingly confirmed their exact ages. For example, Jerry claimed to be 37 years old in a season 3 episode. The issue, though, is that the series was sometimes inconsistent, thus creating a deal of uncertainty over their actual ages.

This problem extends to Elaine, who didn’t have a defined age in the series. Early on, she said that she was in her “early twenties”, but this doesn’t seem to be factual. Instead, it makes more sense that Elaine was closer to 28 years old in season 1. She was known to be the youngest of the group, but not too much younger than Jerry. Jerry, like the actor himself, is thought to have been 35 years old when the show started. It seems highly unlikely that he was more than a decade older than her. Plus, there are signs that the Seinfeld characters have occasionally lied about their ages. It was revealed at one point that Jerry and George Costanza (Jason Alexander) graduated high school together, which would mean that their stated ages should have lined up, but they never did.

In short, Elaine wouldn’t be the only character on the show to be disingenuous about this when she said she was in her “early twenties”. Julia Louis-Dreyfus was 28 years old at the start of the series, so many have come to the conclusion that this was also the character’s age. After all, character and actor ages usually did match up rather closely in Seinfeld, which was the case with Jerry and Kramer (the oldest of the bunch). In any case, Elaine was presumably close to 30. Since the series lasted for nine seasons, that would put her around 37 years old when the show ended, whereas Julia Louis-Dreyfus was 38 years old at the time.

While the rest of the main cast ended their Seinfeld journeys well into their 40s, Elaine’s wrapped up while she was still in her late 30s. As for why there’s such confusion over this aspect of characters like Elaine, many attribute the mystery – and rightly so – to Jerry, Elaine, and George’s well-earned reputation for lying, among many other morally questionable decisions that they made over the course of Seinfeld’s nine-season run.

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