Verizon names Los Angeles as the second of four cities to receive 5G rollout before 2019

My boss’ boss’ boss was on CNBC this morning touting Verizon‘s new 5G services and naming Los Angeles as the second city in America to be treated to a commercial rollout of the new networking technology.

“I think we’re a lot closer than people think,” says Verizon chief executive Lowell McAdam of the nation’s move to the higher-speed 5G networks. “We’re locking in on four this year,” McAdam said of the cities that will receive 5G tech from Verizon.

McAdam also named Los Angeles as the second of four cities that will receive 5G rollout from Verizon. “We bought 36 million miles of fiber so we can have big pipes feeding the cells. We will have hundreds of megahertz of bandwidth to deliver the whole suite of services of 5G,” McAdam said.

“We’ll have 1,000 cell sites up and operating on the global standard,” McAdam said on the cable network.

McAdam also name-checked Boston’s mayor when listing the municipal leaders who’ve been most receptive to working with the technology company on bringing new networking technology to consumers.

Verizon first announced its plans in early 2018 to begin bringing 5G to the masses. It had initially named Sacramento, Calif. as the first market to receive the technology.

McAdam hinted at a regimented implementation that would see 5G home networking services make their way to consumers first for fixed wireless applications before mobile wireless wends its way to consumers in the first quarter of 2019.

In February, AT&T said that Atlanta, Dallas and Waco, Tex. would be the first of 12 cities to receive 5G technology, while Sprint is bringing its 5G services to Kansas City, Phoenix and New York City (the millennium capital of the world).

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