Watch IndieBio’s Demo Day today

Today, April 17th at 2:00 PT, TechCrunch is bringing you IndieBio‘s Demo Day.

IndieBio is a four-month accelerator focusing on biotech companies. Early-stage companies are given mentorship, 24/7 access to biosafety level 1 and 2 labs on-site, insights from industry experts and $250,000 in funding.

The 2018 batch of 14 companies range from innovations in non-opioid pain management medication to synthetic wood generation and even using AI to limit antibiotic resistance.

Watch them demo here:

Antibiotic Adjuvant: Delivering AI-powered decision support software designed to monitor and reduce antibiotic resistance.

BeeFlow: Developing smart and strong bees for crop pollination. With their technologies, farmers can increase crop yields up to 90 percent, target specific crops for pollination and substantially reduce bee population decline.

Dahlia Biosciences: Leading the next generation of multiplexed in situ single-cell RNA analysis tools for research and diagnostic applications.

Jointech Labs: Pioneering access to high-quality fat grafts, fat-derived stem cells and cell therapies. Their device enables doctors, clinics and hospitals to provide safe and cost-effective non-surgical treatments for patients.

Lingrove: Creating “wood” without the tree. Their formable, natural fiber and resin replicates the performance, look, feel and re-usability of premium wood from scalable, carbon negative materials.

MezoMax: MezoMax enables faster bone fracture healing, improved osteoporosis treatment and stronger bones in elderly patients with their novel calcium gluconate stereoisomer, which regulates calcium and mineral metabolism.

Neurocarrus: Developing long-acting non-opioid chronic pain medications. Its novel delivery system eliminates addiction potential and side effects that are seen across all opioids.

Nivien Therapeutics: Nivien Therapeutics is developing the first small molecule drugs to enhance both chemo and immunotherapies. Their compounds overcome multiple resistance mechanisms across 15 cancers to increase efficacy and decrease toxicity of treatments.

Nuro: Nuro enables instant communication and computing for millions of incapacitated patients in ​post-surgeries and ICUs, ​nursing homes and rehabilitation​​ by using brain signals.

Onconetics Pharmaceuticals: Onconetics Pharmaceuticals develops gene therapies that target tumor cells with specific gene expression profiles. The effector arm of the therapy involves a genetic switch that activates an apoptotic inducer to kill the cancer cell and spare healthy tissue.

sRNAlytics: sRNAlytics has developed a novel bioinformatics platform to identify error-free, small RNA biomarkers. Their Proof-of-Concept work in Huntington’s Disease validated eight biomarkers that are 100 percent accurate for classifying early versus late-stage disease, and disease progression.

Sun Genomics: Sun Genomics is a microbiome health company focused on curing dysbiosis through personalized probiotics. Their platform enables the highest-resolution profiling of customer gut makeup, empowering them to make and track changes over time.

Terramino Foods: Terramino Foods is reimagining seafood, using fungi and algae to make healthy, affordable and toxin-free products.

Vetherapy: Vetherapy creates novel stem cell therapies for cats, dogs and horses. Their most innovative product speeds up wound healing and treats autoimmune and inflammatory diseases.

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