The Virtues Of Bud Light, Manchester United And Virtual Reality

NextVR But then again, I wasn’t actually a few feet away. I was scarfing down free snacks in a press suite packed with a half-dozen video editors and engineers that were beaming NextVR’s live virtual reality footage of the soccer game to users across the globe and to the very headset that I was wearing.
Saturday’s Manchester United vs. Barcelona pre-season soccer match at… Read More

The Curious Case Of Google’s Emerald Sea

8673038419_fbc9fc4700_k Is it a Facebook competitor? Is it a social network? Is it a “ghost town?” Is it a failure? These are the questions that have been peppered at Google ever since the Google+ launch in June of 2011. The answer to all of those questions was, and remain, a huge “no.” Doesn’t matter though. Google is starting to back its way out of a muddy mess, particularly when… Read More